To create a save the date invitation, all we do is hide the pages that we don't want to show on a save the date. This would be pages like the RSVP page and the Wedding details page. Follow the steps below:

STEP1: Decide if you would like to use one of our pre-designed themes or if you would like to create your own design. To create a custom theme, click here

  • If you decide to create your own design log into your account and click on the design tab under the main menu

  • Click on Theme. To customize the theme, click here. This will provide explanations on how to customize themes

  •  To add information to your website, click on the link. It explains everything you need to know about adding information to all of your website pages.

STEP2: This is where you will be hiding the pages that you don't need on the 'Save the Date'.

On your dashboard you will see the icon for each of your website pages. Below each logo you will find a tick. If it is ticked, the page will be visible to your guests, if there is no tick showing, the page is hidden from guests. Even if a page is hidden from guests you will still be able to edit the page content and design.

  • Click on the logo to hide or un-hide the page.
  •  After you have hidden the selected pages you can send an email or SMS with a link to you’re Save the date website to all your guests.
Click on +New SMS or +New Email as shown below:

The following screen will be displayed:

Automatically, the link to your website will be added to the email. Your guest will receive the email or sms with your wedding website link. Now they can access your save the date invite.