To update the Registered at Seta indicator you can do the following per Campus:
  • Go to the campus instance
  • Click on Enrollments menu item, then on the arrow next to search and then click on Bulk Search

  • Enter all the ID numbers of students who are registered at SETA at the selected campus. (Note: Separate all ID numbers with a comma). Then click on the search button.

  • Click on Table options on the top right hand side, then click on bulk update

  • Click on Select all records on all pages button and give the screen time to load. Then press on the next button. Please note: This step might take a while to get to the next screen. 
  • On the Select action drop down select bulk field update then click Next button:

  • Click on the Change Registered at SETA tick box and click the tickbox at the right side. Then click on Go button.

  • The registered at SETA indicator should now be updated on all students selected.

  • Repeat this process on all campuses applicable.