Here follows a summary of tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V4.33

Release date - 2021.05.26

New features:

IC-763 - Auto add users when loading assessors and moderators

  • When loading an assessor or moderator on an instance, check that the user being uploaded already has access to the instance it is loaded on. Check the assessor access as well as moderator access where applicable. 
  • When loading new subjects for Assessor and / or Moderator, 
    • check if System User Access exists with IC_ASSESSOR and / or IC_MODERATOR access. If it does not exists save new access with that role,
    • otherwise if it exists but does not have that role, save the additional role. 
    • also make access enabled if disabled
  • NO one should have access to delete an Assessor or Moderator from the system. Update this access if not already like this
  • When deleting subjects for Assessor and / or Moderator, Check if there are any other courses still loaded for the Assessor and / or Moderator on this instance. If not then:
    • check if System User Access exists with IC_ASSESSOR and / or IC_MODERATOR access.
    • Remove the access were the course was removed.
    • also make access disabled for that instance if no courses exist for assessing or moderation


IC-801 - RSA id number citizenship

  • Add a entity "South African citizen" to plat form entity
  • Calculate this by looking at the 11th digit in the id number
  • Do not allow any student to be captures if the student is not a valid south african citizen. Please do this on:
    • Quick capture
    • Long Student capture
    • Online capture (by student or broker)
  • When an Enrollment is created on a student who is not a South African citizen then immediately Reject the enrollment. 
  • If anyone attempts to change the status of the Enrollment then Reject the Enrollment again.  

IC-763 - Enrollment unit standard - Display

We moved the enrollment unit standard usually displayed at the bottom of the Enrollment screen to a separate screen. This will enhance performance of the system

IC-802 - Generate Time and attendance cover page from enrollment

  • Under enrollment actions add another tab for Time and attendance. The user must select the lecture they want to generate time and attendance cover page for:
  • All the student lectures linked to the current enrollment will be displayed in a drop down
  • Then click on Download Time and Attendance cover page
  • The user must start typing the year and month to filter the list and select one of the lectures

Please note that the Time and attendance form must be attached to student attendance on a lecture in the correct calendar month. Since the students need to submit at least one Time and attendance per month we monitor on which lecture the Time and attendance are submitted

IC-789 - Whatsapp opt in error handling

Build in proper error handling on Whats app import file:

  • Display error when there is no sheet with name Whatsapp OPT
  • Display error when there is no heading at the top of the column
  • Change results file to Failed rows result file
  • Add the number of Successfully imported rows

IC-798 - ETQA access for all facilitators and branch administrators

ETQA access for all Instances facilitators and Branch_admin

IC-804 - Race must be compulsory on ALL student capturing processes

We ensured that it is compulsory to capture race in all places where students can be captures

IC-807 - Unemployed approved dashboard report

We added enrollment start date to the Unemployed approved dashboard report

IC-813 - Vetting change course

There were a scheduled run to Cancel all Vetting change course Enrollments if they have not been approved again with 30 days.

(Enrollment status is created with the following comment: 30 days lapsed due to non activity on enrollment)

We removed this scheduler.

The Student enrollment can stay in Vetting change course untill the end of the Enrollment 

Vetting change course students are also included in the scheduled run to change the status of the student status to Studies completed / Pending outstanding unit standards / Pending Assessment and moderation.

IC-816 - Summary of results for students active for longer

Summary of results sent to students will now be viewable for a year after assessment has been done.

Bug Fixes:

IC-799 - Students without classes

We fixed Students without classes global and instance dashboard report. It previously only included Approved students but now also includes students with the following enrollment statuses:

  • Approved
  • Campus Approved final approval pending 
  • Campus vetting student attending classes

IC-809 & IC -814 - Compliance

  • In some cases the next evaluation day on the compliance and ipeople compliances where too far in the future. We fixed this issue. I.e. there were cases where compliance notices took too long to be sent, but this is fixed now.

IC-803 - Assessment bugs

  • If a user deletes a module UnitStandard the AssessmentVersion, AssessmentVersionQuestion and AssessmentAnswers should not be deleted as well.
  • When the AssessmentVersion is deleted, do not delete the AssessmentVersionQuestion and AssessmentAnswers
  • When the AssessmentVersionQuestion is deleted, do not delete AssessmentAnswers

IC-805 - Student employments without status

We In some very rare cases student employments were created without a status. We fixed this issue

IC-815 - Bulk Student Employment additions

When trying to add student employments in bulk, please ensure that they do not need to choose an enrollment.

Rather default the active enrollment linked to the students.