Here follows a summary of tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V4.32

Release date - 2021.05.05

Release status - Released

New features:

IC-769 - Email Dashboard reports 

When downloading results on any of the Dashboard reports, the results will be emailed to you.

  • Open any of the above report results and click on the Download button 
  • You will get this notification and receive the report in you emails

IC-680 - Create Import for manually assessed unit standards 

We implemented a n import for manually assess unit standards. For detail please refer to Import Manually Assessed Unit standard results

IC-792 - Create Bulk campus move functionality 

All Umhlanga students needs to move to Durban. This can now be done with the bulk move functionality:

  • Go to the student list and click on Bulk 
  • Select students to be moved 
  • Select Bulk New Subrecord - Instance Transfer Audit option and click next 
  • Select the campus to move to and click on Go button
  • The selected students should now be moved to the selected campus


IC-741 - Report: VARCCS notification to assessors

We created the following reports on Head office instance:

- VARCC questionnaire ASSESSORS to complete

- VARCC questionnaire MODERATORS to complete

These reports will Show moderators and Assessors which VARCCS questionnaires can be completed on students who completed their studies.

IC-746 - Report: Enrollment certificates 

We created the following reports on Head office:

- 2019 Enrollment certificate report

- 2020 Enrollment certificate report

These reports are grouped per enrollment start year and will provide the information regarding SETA verification date,

Graduation date and whether certificates has been uploaded in the system per student enrollment. 

IC-777 - Each enrollment must have its own ID document:

Ensure that the indicator below only refers to verified ID documents linked to the enrollment (and not only linked to the student)

When downloading Student documentation from the employer ensure that we first check if there is a verified ID document linked to the enrollment (linked to the employment). 

Only if there is no such ID document then include the ID document linked to the student.

The above will ensure that we don't have to link the ID documents of old students to their Enrollments.

IC-786 - The total mark shown on Assessment overall decision screen  

After marking an Assessment, on the overall decision screen we will display the Total Marks if any marks have been allocated to questions during assessment:

Please note the Total marks will not be shown at all if no marks have been allocated to any question.

Bug Fixes:

IC-774 - Data Fix on Approved Final Approval pending 

There were Enrollments on "Campus Approved - final approval pending" status where all the sign up docs are on the student, but not necessarily linked to the specific Enrollment. We now only consider attachments linked to the specific Enrollment

IC-782 -  Student compliances not linked to enrollment

Some old student compliance statuses were not linked to a enrollment. This would not have any impact on the compliance notice process but would make reporting difficult. This issue has been fixed.

IC-790 -  Unit standards on Enrollments

We've noticed that some unit standards did not appear on students that were in Pending assessing and moderation or Pending outstanding unit standard status. These are now fixed.

IC-791 -  Student status St

Some students in Pending assessing and moderation or Pending outstanding unit standard status erroneously did not more to studies completed status. These will now be fixed