A report will be used for assessors and moderators to view questionnaires that needs to be completed:

Before completing the questionnaire the Competency outcomes and overall comments of the Assessor and / or Moderator can be viewed on the Enrollment screen

The assessment questionnaire can be found on the enrollment when scrolling down to the tab

Assessment Questionnaire Enrollments

Click on the view button  to open the record.

For Assessors click on the Assessor Start Questionnaire button to start the questionnaire:

For Moderators click on the Moderator Start Questionnaire button to start the questionnaire. 

*Note the moderator can only start the questionnaire when the Assessor is done it can be indicated with ASSESSOR DONE Status.

A Questionnaire Wizard will appear to answer each question for the questionnaire: 

Answer each question on the tab and when done click on the Next button 

When answering all questions and reaching the Confirmation Tab  a table will display to confirm all questions answered before submitting:

Click on the Submit button when confirmation is done:

When the button is clicked it will redirect to the first screen and create the Record of Learning template and indicating that the assessment administration was done for the finished enrollment of the student:

The same steps apply for the moderator but it will only be done by a moderator if the enrollment assessments was moderated and when the assessors has finished the questionnaire and the status is in ASSESSOR DONE  and not in FINISHED  status yet.