This article will demonstrate how to set up an ACTIVE questionnaire that will be created when an enrollment is completed and the status changes to STUDIES COMPLETED.

Go to the dashboard and click on the Main Menu and click on LQA and then ROL Questionnaire Setup:

Click on the new Assessment Questionnaire button:

Enter the desired questionnaire name and click on the active tick and save the questionnaire:

Click on the New Assessment Administration Question button to create the Questions

The question can be setup up for each different type and preference for each question can be set as well:

These types include:

Assessment Context
Assessment Evidance Review
Assessment Methods Review
Assessment Process Review
Assessor Preparation
Moderator Preparation
Varccs Evalution

The type can be selected and the question can be typed in the text editor.

The preference can be selected to include Yes/No options as well as a Comment section and to set it Compulsory as well:

Click on save to create the question, this can be repeated until full questionnaire is setup.