Here follows a summary of tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V4.31

Release date - 2021.04.25

Release status - Successfully released 

New features:

IC-715, IC-742, IC743, IC-785 - VARCCS and Record of Learning 

The VARCCS questions can now be setup and updated from the system. Please refer to VARCC questionnaire setup for details on how to do this.

The assessors and moderators can now complete this questionnaire online for each student enrollment who reached Studies completed status. For detail on this process refer to Assessor VARCCS questionnaire 

As soon as the questionnaire is completed the record of learning will be generated for the student enrollment 

IC-752 - Time and Attendance  

We have added functionality to enable facilitators to download Time and Attendance cover pages. These cover pages can then be used to scan in all the Time and Attendances completed by students during the lecture. 

It will save the attachment to the student attendance on linked to the lecture. 

Please refer to Time and Attendance cover page download for more detail.

We also added functionality in order to easily download these documents to give to employers. Please refer to Time and Attendance Employer download 


IC-732 - Enrollment Unit standards updates

We have created a daily schedule to run at 22:00 every day and check that unit standards are correct according to course and update if needed for students in the following statuses:

  • Campus vetting attending class
  • Campus approved final approval pending 
  • Approved
  • Vetting change course

IC-755 - Vetting change course Students included in Lecture generation

We have adjusted the lecture generation slightly to also included student enrollments that are in Vetting change course status. 

This will ensure that students who stay in status for a while will also be included in attendance registers for the current course linked to their Enrollment.

IC-756 - Additional info on Summary of results

We added the following info on the summary of results on Enrollment unit standards:

Please note: The summary of results can be accessed on the enrollment on Unit standards already assessed by clicking on the following button:

IC-765 - Assessor Appraisal Date should not be editable

The Assessor Appraisal Date is the date the Assessor assessed the POE. The assessor are not supposed to be able to change this date. Previously they could change this date which caused their assessment lists to be incorrect. 

IC-768 - Enrollment unit standard assessment size limit

We increase allowed attachment size limit on POE uploads from the Enrollment unit standard view to 30mb. 

IC-768 - Remove iPeople attendances

The iPeople attendances was used previously to indicate when a student logged into the iPeople app. This is no longer used since we do not get this information from iPeople any more. 

We now solely rely on the iPeople tasks and use this in all Reports and processes relating to iPeople.

We therefor removed the iPeople attendances from the screen (although all backend info are still kept on the server)

Bug Fixes:

IC-771 - POE's to be assessed not in Assessor list 

The report to indicate how many POE's are still to be assessed differed in some cases from the lists that should be assessed on the Assessor and Moderator's lists. We fixed this issue. 

IC-758 - Transfer student 

We fixed a bug on the transfer of a student in a specific scenario.