Here follows a summary of a few tickets included in the following iCollege version release:

IC V4.29

Release date - 2021.03.16

Release status - Released to production successfully

New features:

IC-725 - Assessors accessing Statement of results / Highest academic qualification

When Assessing a POE the Assessor needs to access the Statement of results (renamed to Highest Academic qualification). The latest verified Highest Academic qualification can be viewed directly on the assessment:


IC-707 -  Allow POE to be moved between enrollments

In cases where a POE must be moved between enrollments where there is 2 enrollments loaded for a student with the same course this can now be done. For more details refer to: Change assessment enrollment unit standard

IC-708 - Change moderation percentage

The percentage of students to be moderated is now changed to 30%. This percentage calculated as the number of students who submitted POE's

  • per campus
  • per course
  • per intake year

If the number of students is less than or equal to 10 then all these students will need to be moderated.

IC-712 - LQA bulk import of student dates

We have created bulk import functionality in order to update students Graduation date / SETA verification date on their enrollment. 


A new user access role called IC LQA was createdThis role has been granted access to the 'Student dates upload' located under the 'LQA' menu item. 

For details steps and more information refer to LQA bulk date uploads 

IC-730 - Display Summary of results after assessment has been marked

After assessing or moderating a POE the summary of the results will now be accessible to view before making a decision on overall competency on the unit standard. 

Please refer to Assessment marking for detail on the process.

PFORM-671- Multiple record search functionality

We have implemented the ability for users to search lists using more than one record / phrase.

By clicking on the dropdown next to the search button on a list you will be able to reference multiple values separated by a comma.

Please refer to Bulk search for more detail


IC-713 - Enrollment ticks for LQA

We have added automated Enrollment attachment checks which serve as a quick confirmation of attachments present on the enrollment.

Additionally we have improved the attachment type description(s) to be more universal and accurate.

IC-719 - iPeople bulk upload improvements

Improved the way we handle iPeople transactions to prevent the 'Request Upload' from timing out.

We now ignore expired tasks which clutters the system with non-relevant data.

IC-720 - Automate Competent tick on Enrollment

  • The overall competency field on an enrollment will be defaulted to "Not yet competent" when enrollment is created
  • If a student is Competent in all unit standards on a student enrollment then that Enrollment's Overall Competency will change to Competent 
  • A student is seen to be competent in a specific unit standard if:
    • If a student enrollment should NOT be moderated :
      • Assessor Competency Check on all the unit standards is Competent 
    • If a student enrollment should be moderated i.e. "Should Moderate" is True :
      • Moderator Competency Check on all the unit standards must be Competent 

IC-721 - Statement of results updated to Highest academic achievements

"Statement of results" was changed to "Highest academic achievements". 

  • Downloading the barcoded cover page    
  • Student attachment type:
  • In Student pack control:
  • On Assessment:

IC-731 | IC-740 - Compliance improvements and changes 

We implemented a number of compliance fixes. We also created a new compliance status, Orange. If a student don't comply he she will move from Green to Yellow then to Orange and then to Red. 

IC-737 - Electronic attendance dashboard report calculations

The Electronic attendance dashboard report will now display percentages up to 2 decimal places in order to not show rounded results.

Bug Fixes:

IC-727 - Unit standard regeneration on Vetting change course

Enrollment unit standards will now automatically be regenerated when an Enrollment is Approved after being in Vetting change course status.

IC-728 - Prevent future students from transitioning through compliance

Students who's enrollment start date is in the future will not be included in compliance processes.