This article will explain how the CAT applied button works and when to use it.

Note that this option is only applicable if allowed on the module. You can quickly confirm this, by placing your mouse on the Unit Standard Assessment Version value. The indicator Allow CAT applied can be located at the bottom of the pop up screen. Only access roles Administrator, Sales Director and Etqa Head Office currently have permission to update the Unit Standard Assessment Version.

  • On certain unit standards students may already be competent on the basis of their matric certificate or other previous qualifications.
  • To check if a student have submitted previous qualifications refer to the check Highest Qualification exists. 
  • Below the highest qualification check is the latest verified certificate.
  • If there is more than one attachment of Highest Qualification saved on the student you can view all the attachments by clicking on the Highest Qualification button.

  • After confirming that the Highest Qualification is valid, the assessment process can be speed up by doing the following: 
    • Start the assessment process. 
    • At the bottom of the assessment a new button is added for CAT Applied
    • When clicking on this button:
      • All the questions will be marked as competent. 
      • A comment of CAT applied will be added to the assessment of all questions
      • The overall competency of the assessment will also be marked as competent with a comment CAT Applied.