This article explains the process of uploading already completed POE's. Any one of the following options can be followed to upload completed POEs on a student in the system:

1. Send to crawler email:

  1. Scan the completed POE (with cover page)
  2. Send this scanned document to the crawler email box.  Please not each campus has it's own crawler email address to be used.
  3. Please ensure that the scanned document has been received in the crawler email box. Please note that when the scanned in document size is over 20 it cannot be emailed and option 2 below must be followed. 
  4. The iCollege system will automatically pick up this email and attach the POE to the student's unit standard according to the cover page. 

2. Upload scanned POE manually:

Please note it is advisable to use this process when the scanned in POE is very large (above 20 MB)

  1. Scan the completed POE (with cover page)
  2. Save this scanned document on the server.
  3. Upload it to the iCollege system by following these steps:
    • Log onto icollege system on your instance.
    • Go to Admin > Barcode Reader Queues
    • Click on + New Barcode reader Queue button
    • Choose your campus email in Email setting and then upload the scanned file by clicking to the + Choose button
    • Then press save 
    • Go to  Admin > Barcode Reader Queues again to upload the next
    • The icollege system will now automatically allocate this POE to the correct student's unit standard.

3. POE Attempts:

  • When a POE is uploaded it will be recorded as a 1st attempt, to download the 1st attempt cover page to be scanned or uploaded like mention above.  Go to the Approved Enrollment and scroll down to the the unitstandards:

  • Click on the Download Cover Page button: 
  • A pop up will appear to download the attempt for the unit standard:
  • Click on the attempt cover page and the cover page will be downloaded for the attempt that was done on the POE.  This can then be places in front of the POE and be then be done like the steps (1 or 2) mentioned above.