By accepting the terms and conditions, the user hereby confirm the following:

  • I am currently unemployed, not claiming UIF or any other grant,

    a South African Citizen and that I will notify iCOLLEGE should I, 

    • Not wish to continue my studies and/or

    • Seek employment elsewhere or

    • Wish to claim UIF during my employment.

  • I also permit iCOLLEGE to perform background checks and obtain personal information about me from credit reporting sources, bureaus and the Department of Home Affairs. I further declare that I’ve read and understood the Terms & Conditions of this contract overleaf. I hereby acknowledge that my Employer allocates my monthly remuneration as study fees to iCOLLEGE.

  • That it is a requirement for the user and/or the Educational institution to obtain consent from the Consumer prior to requesting a Compuscan Consumer Credit Information report from Hirodox (Pty) ltd t/a I-Bureau, a registered NCR Credit Bureau with registration number CB43;

  • That It is further a requirement in in terms of the National Credit Act to (1) verify the identity of the consumer and (2) obtain consent from the Consumer to obtain their Consumer Credit Information prior to requesting the information;

  • That the Consumer must further provide consent if it is required to verity their information at the Department of Home Affairs (HANIS);

  • That the purpose of requesting the Consumer Credit Information was explained to the Consumer and will only be obtained for the relevant prescribed purpose namely “Employment and Education verification”;

  • That all consents provided (voice or written mandates in both hard copy or digital format) by the Consumer must be stored by the Educational Institution for a period of 5 years from the date of the request and readily available once required by I-Bureau and / or Compuscan;


1. In this Document, unless inconsistent with the context or otherwise stipulated, the following

words shall bear the meanings described to them hereunder;

a. “the Contract” means the Fully Paid Course & Upskilling Programme Contract including

terms and conditions listed as well as any addendums;

b. “Conditions” means the Conditions of the Contract;

c. “Competent Court” means the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in respect of any

action, which may follow from the Contract. The parties will be entitled to institute

action in any High Court, which may have jurisdiction;

d. “Course” shall mean the combining of education, skills and work experience into one

programme which the student will be required to complete in the 12 (twelve) month

enrolment period;

e. “Course Term” means the 12 months that the Student is enrolled to study at iCOLLEGE;

g. “Employer Agreement” means the Employment Agreement between the Student and

f. “Employer” shall mean the employer of the Student;

the Company for the duration of the Term;

h. “iCOLLEGE” shall mean iCOLLEGE (Pty) Ltd, a COMPANY incorporated according to

the Laws of South Africa with registration number 1997/020830/07 and trading at

Silver Lakes Office Park 1, Block 3, 1 Von Backstrom Blvd, Silver Lakes, Pretoria, 0081.

i. “the Student” means the person that has applied, and once approved, will be enrolled

to study at iCOLLEGE;

j. “the Parties” means iCOLLEGE and the Student as described above;


2. The Student shall apply for the Course by completing all relevant documentation required.

3. This Contract will come into force and effect upon acceptance by iCOLLEGE.

4. The Student’s right to enroll at iCOLLEGE and to receive assignments are subject to the

terms and conditions set out below. The Student shall:

4.1 Familiarise him/herself, on enrolment, with the rules and regulations of

iCOLLEGE (Pty) Ltd and comply with it. The Student acknowledges that should he/

she act in breach of the rules and/or interfere with other students or the operations of

iCOLLEGE, be it in the possession of or the use of alcohol or drugs at iCOLLEGE or

be it under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst present at iCOLLEGE or engage in

cheating of any nature including plagiarism, the Student will be exposed to disciplinary

action by it’s EMPLOYER which may result in expulsion from iCOLLEGE;

4.2 Notify iCOLLEGE immediately in writing should any change of address or Personal

Details occur;

4.3 Familiarise him/herself with the rules and general regulations relating to the Course,

for which he/she has applied and to subject him/herself to such regulations;

4.4 Accept full responsibility for participating in events at iCOLLEGE;

4.5 Submit assignments on due dates as specified by iCOLLEGE.

5. Study material will be provided to the Student. Stationery is for the Student’s own cost.

6. The Student acknowledges that his/her right to receive assignments, write exams and

assessments, and to receive study materials is based upon the Student’s continued

compliance with this agreement and the Rules and Regulations of iCOLLEGE

as communicated from time to time and that these rights may, at the sole discretion of

iCOLLEGE, be withdrawn.

7. The Student hereby absolves iCOLLEGE from any possible action and indemnifies

iCOLLEGE with regards to any claims which may arise from any negligence or other

act by iCOLLEGE, its employees or agents or any other student and which gives rise to:

7.1 any loss or damage to property;

7.2 any injuries, illness or death;

7.3 any event, incident or accident;

7.4 any legal costs or expenses legally incurred with regard to claims or court cases

arising from the aforementioned events, where such loss, damage, injury, death,

event or accident arises from the Student’s presence, for purposes of study or

otherwise, at iCOLLEGE.

8. The Student shall attend classes, submit final assessments and write exams as

communicated by iCOLLEGE.

9. A Certificate of Completion will be issued by iCOLLEGE after successful completion of the


10. SETA certification is not in iCOLLEGE’s control and may take time as SETA’s only issue

a Statement of Results after successful verification.

11. The Student shall at all times remain a student at iCOLLEGE for the course duration and

will not seek alternative employment during the course.

12. Should the Student breach this Contract of Enrolment and/or abscond from studies and/

or fail to fulfill his/her obligations to iCOLLEGE and/or the Employer, the Course may be

terminated after compliance with paragraph 22 below.

13. The Student acknowledges that the Course is not redeemable for cash in any instance

and that he/she will have no claim whatsoever against the Employer and/or iCOLLEGE in

the event of termination of the Course for any reason whatsoever.

14. External exam fees (if applicable to the course) shall be for the cost of the Student and

shall not be regarded as paid on behalf of or in respect of the Student until received by


15. The Student agrees that any concerns relating to this contract or his/her studies or any

other matter relating thereto, will be taken up with iCOLLEGE management at his/her

campus and that he/she shall refrain from making any negative comments or statements

to the press or on any social media platform. The Student further acknowledges that

should he/she bring iCOLLEGE’s name into disrepute, iCOLLEGE may institute legal

action and claim damages as such.


16. No variation, cancellation, or amendment hereto shall be valid unless recorded in writing

and signed by the parties.

17. Any relaxation or indulgence which may be shown to the Student by iCOLLEGE shall not

in any way prejudice or be deemed to be a waiver of its rights by iCOLLEGE and shall not

preclude or stop iCOLLEGE from exercising its rights hereunder

18. iCOLLEGE shall be entitled to cede all or a portion off its rights hereunder to any other

party hereunder. The Student shall not be entitled to cede their rights and/or obligations

hereunder without the prior consent of iCOLLEGE.

19. The Student chooses as his/her domicilium citandi et executandi for purpose of serving all

notices and documents relating hereto, his/her physical address or Email address as

supplied and agreed by him/her and recorded in the Application.

20. The Student agrees that this Contract is drawn up in a language that he/she understands

and that he/she is fully aware of the meaning thereof.

21. It will be considered a material breach of this contact if the Student provides false


22. Should the Student at any point in time commit any material breach of the terms and

conditions of this Contract and fail to remedy such breach within 14 (fourteen) days

of receipt of a written notice from iCOLLEGE to remedy such breach, iCOLLEGE shall be

entitled, but not required to, cancel this Agreement with immediate effect.

23. The Parties hereby agree that each clause of this Contract is separable, the one from

the other, and if any clause is found to be defective or unenforceable for any reason by

any Competent Court, then the remaining clause/s shall be and continue to be in full force

and effect.

24. The Student warrants that he/she has read the conditions of this Contract and

understands the contents hereof.

25. The Student acknowledges that all of the above clauses apply to him/her and that he/she

is bound to the terms of this Contract.


26. iCOLLEGE may, after a period of 2 weeks’ notice to any Student, amend or alter the time period for presentation of courses, subject to meeting the academic and practical training requirements attendant upon the qualification. Revised timetables will be issued to the Student who undertakes to comply therewith in terms of the Student’s obligations asset out above.

27. iCOLLEGE reserves the right to accept or reject any Student’s Application.


28. The Student by his/her signature on the iCOLLEGE Course & Upskilling

Programme Contract hereby undertakes and accepts liability for the fulfilment thereof.