In this article, we will show you how to mark a assessment by a Assessor.

  • In the Main Menu select "Assessment and then select "Enrollment Unit Standard Assessment".

  • The "Enrollment Assessment" view will display, with the following drop down menu's
  • "Course" - these are the courses allocated to the assessor to do the marking on.
  • "Unit Standard" - these are all the relevant unit standards linked to the course.
  • "Event Year"  - this is the intake year of students who enrolled for these courses.

  •  When the select criteria is selected, the table will populate the students "Enrollment Unit Standard Assessments" that needs to be "Assessed/Marked".

  • Click on the "Mark Assessment" button to mark the assessment.

  • The "Enrollment Unit Standard Assessment" view will display.

  • Click on the red button on the "Grading" field set, to assess the assessment.

  • This will open a page with the assessment on the left and the grading tool on the right.

  • scroll down in the left panel to see more of the assessment

  • use the grading tool to mark the students answer as competent or not competent

  • after choosing competent or not competent, add a comment to support your decision. this is optional

  • The moderator marking works exactly the same as the assessor marking. the only difference is the grading tool. the moderator is able to see the assessors comment as well as his decision. From this he can decide if he wants to uphold or overturn the moderator decision.

  • after upholding or overturning, the final decision will be displayed. the final decision is decided by upholding or overturning.

  • when at the end of the assessment click on the "Save" button to save your grading of the assessment

  • a confirmation dialog will pop up 

If all questions was not assess the assessment can be saved as is and be assessed on a later stage when clicking on the "Yes" button or if you want to finish the marking click on the "Continue marking" button:

If all questions was assess on the assessment , click on one of the "Over all competency" buttons:

  • The assessment summary result can first be viewed before selecting the over all competency

  • This will view the assessment summary on a new tab when clicked on to view


  • A comment can also be made on the final competency of the assessment. after competency has been selected

    click on the finish button to stamp the assessment