In this Solution Article, we will show you How to Verify or Disregard an Attachment.

  • In the Menu, go to Students and then Verify Student Attachments.

  • A list of Unverified Student Attachments will be displayed.
  • OPTIONAL STEP: A Quick Filter Functionality can be used to filter the documents via the students enrollment status type
  • Click on the highlighted checkbox button to verify a specific Attachment.

  • A pop-up will display with a drop-down to "Verify or Disregard" the Attachment.

To Verify:

  • Select the "Verified" option and click on the checkbox button.

To Disregard:

When you select "Disregarded", another drop-down with a Comment section displays.

  • Choose the relevant option from the list and click on the checkbox button.

Please note:

An Admin user will be able to add new Reasons for Disregarding Attachments (see menu item below)