In this Solution Article, you will learn how to Capture a Student.

Please Note:

The following article explains the Quick Capture process without any Consent needed from the student.

See this article to understand how the Quick Capture with Consent works - Student Consent (Quick Capture - ITC Check)

  • Once you are logged into the system, the Dashboard screen will appear.

  • To capture a Student, click on the "Quick Student Capture" button.

  • A form will appear, were you can fill out the Student's Details (ID Number, Cell Number, First Name, Last Name,Student Preferred Payment and Address).

  • When selecting preferred payment type: (Debit Order Once, Debit Order Over 2 Months, Debit ORder Over 3 Months). Student's Banking Details will then be required.

  • After you have filled out the details, click on the "Run Check on Student" button.

  • A pop-up will appear, to confirm that you want to continue, as Compuscan charges are applied to the check.
  • Compuscan Credit Check: Runs a credit check on the Student, to verify his/her details.
  • Click on "Yes" to continue or "No" to stop the check.

  • If you clicked "Yes", the credit check will return the Student's Name, Surname, Cell Number and Physical Address.
  • If Compuscan doesn't have the information of the Student, the information will return as "Unknown".

  • The Student's Previous Employers (pulled through from the credit check) will also be populated on the Student's information.