Steps 5 - 8: Recruiter Commission Students and Student Packs

  • Click on the  button to add a Recruiter code to the Student.
  • This will be the Broker who created the Student.


  • The Capturer scans the Student Pack, to an allocated folder on his/her computer (Server Folder/Local Folder).


Description: The Student Application Packs are the documents to be uploaded to the system.

  • In the Main Menu, click on "Student", then "Student Packs" as per in the above screenshot.
  • Click on the button, in the top-right corner to upload the previously scanned documents to the system.
  • Select a Campus for the Student, choose the scanned document from folder to upload to the system.
  • Add a comment(if required) and click on


  • After creating Student Packs, go back to the Main Menu, click on "Students", then click on "Unallocated Student Packs".

  • The Capturer uploads and allocates each page of the scanned pack to the Student's Profile.
  • Click on "Allocate Pack". This will open the page where you select the Document Types and the Student.
  • Click on the arrow to view dropdown of Documents and Student list.
  • Select each document and allocate it to Student and Document Type.
  • After selecting Document, Document Type and Student, scroll down and click on "Allocate".