ETQA and Recruiter Workshop

Chapter 2.1:


  • Click on the Main Menu, select Facilitator then click on Lectures.

  • An overview of the Lectures will appear

  • To view attendances click on the class that you want an attendance register for.
  • You will then be taken to a page where class details, facilitator attendances and student attendances are listed.

  • Student attendance marked off by the facilitator on the electronic link to his portal will be visible on the lecture.
  • The physical form where the page of signatures for attendance, needs to be uploaded must be scanned in and attached under "Attendance Record" under the lecture.

  • Scan the physical document to local folder on your PC/Laptop.
  • Go back to the iCollege page in your browser.

  • To add the physical attendance register, from your laptop/pc to the system, click on in the class in lectures.
  • NOTE: It is important that you are in the correct class when adding the physical attendance register to the system.

  • In the edit page, click on "Choose" to import the scanned document (Physical Attendance Register).
  • Then select your file that is saved in the local scanning folder on your PC/ Laptop.

  • Click on  when done.